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Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Tuberous sclerosis complex is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous noncancerous benign tumors in many parts of the body.

Tuberous sclerosis complex. These tumors can occur in the skin brain kidneys and other organs in some cases leading to significant health problems. Our dedicated advisers and active. A vision for the future the international tsc research conference is held annually to bring together academics healthcare professionals industry patients and patient representatives from around the world to share their knowledge and. Tsc is a genetic condition that can lead to growths in various organs of the body but those most commonly affected are the brain eyes heart kidney skin and lungs.

Tuberous sclerosis complex tsc involves abnormalities of the skin hypomelanotic macules confetti skin lesions facial angiofibromas shagreen patches fibrous cephalic plaques ungual fibromas. Tuberous sclerosis two bur uhs skluh roh sis also called tuberous sclerosis complex is an uncommon genetic disorder that causes noncancerous benign tumors unexpected overgrowths of normal tissue to develop in many parts of the body. International tuberous sclerosis complex research conference 2021. Tuberous sclerosis tuberous sclerosis complex.

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